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Botanical Gardens Cartagena, urbanizacion Torrecilla, Turbaco, Bolivar, Colombia

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show curated by Sandra Higgins





Consulate General of Colombia


Opening hours

Sept 8 - Oct 8, 2015

Monday - Friday9am - 1.30pm & 3pm - 5pm






Our universe is entangled at all levels in a fractal-like progression, from the very very small to the very very large.  Mathematic and geometry languages allows us to visualize the symphony and communication that is present between different levels of reality.

Quantum Entanglement happens at a particle level, expressing a correlation within a system.  An element can only be known, if understood as part of a whole in closed relationship with others.  Only when an observer or a measurement within the system is given, the reality pops up behaving accordingly to the expectations of the consciousness involved.

Vacuum within every single atom is the connecting and continent fabric that allows quantum entanglement to happen.  It is as if time and space were not dimensions of that fabric, and every single particle is acutely aware of the information displayed by each other particle and totality, generating hence an entangled interdependent universe.

Consciousness is a gathering and processing information system, allowing the whole to learn under quantum entanglement reality.  We as every single atom are at the very center of the universe, and are relevant at collecting and processing experiences in the learning agenda of the whole.

Entanglement exhibition in London is an extension of Esse et non Esse, a Lucas´s one man show displayed early this year at the Historical Museum of Cartagena, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.  In that exhibition the 3d expression of the spiral, allowed a journey of the poem -Temple to the Ego- to depict a picture of the etiology of consciousness.

In Entanglement you will be able to visualize a toroidal installation, composed by pointed head to pointed head arrangement of stupas, a series of paintings of upward and downward faces offering a probabilistic approach to reality, a group of relevant selected paintings that are crucial in Lucas´s 30 years of artistic research that show the evolution of thought of his work, and will also see some transparent resin faces sculptures part of the whole arrangement.